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Lose weight, gain energy, and become your most confident, radiant self. 

So you can look amazing and feel incredible... on the big day... and for life.

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No more crash dieting, wedding cleanses, or bridal bootcamps...

It’s time to change the way the bridal world approaches weight-loss. It’s time to get rid of all the anxiety and defeat associated with the pressure of fitting into your ideal dress, so that you can start enjoying this part of the wedding process!

I help brides experience a total body transformation - without dieting, militant exercise, or extreme deprivation - so that you can wake up on your wedding day feeling sexy & confident in your own skin as you walk down the aisle, knowing that this will last beyond just that one day.

The key is to start looking at this as an opportunity rather than a weight loss race. An opportunity to transform your body and actually ENJOY the process, so you can lose weight and gain energy effortlessly and naturally, and turn these healthy habits into behaviors that (finally) last from one anniversary to the next!

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Chantelly L.

Working with Emily was so enjoyable! The second we started our first session, I felt incredibly comfortable with her. 

Jamie W.

It wasn't until my path crossed with Emily's that my life began to truly change. Emily gave me the support I needed, and the tools I was lacking to help me look and feel my best.

Beth G.

Emily is born to do this! I've had the most amazing and profound experience working with Emily during our sessions. I am so thankful for Emily's guidance and this program!

Hey, I'm Emily...

I'm the founder of Say "I Do" To You, helping brides transform their bodies using proven habit changing techniques.

If you wake up every morning overwhelmed and stressed about how you'll look in your wedding pictures, and frustrated because you so badly want to change, and yet can't seem to do it.... You're not alone. 

Many brides I work with felt the very same way before they found me.

They've tried all of the misleading "diets" and "weight loss programs" - restriction diets, juice cleanses, starvation diets, bridal bootcamps, personal trainers - trying to do everything but what actually leads to a total body transformation.

If you want to know what actually works, I'd like to offer you a free Strategy Session where we uncover what's been stopping you from having the wedding body you deserve and develop a step-by-step total body transformation plan that truly works for you.

This personal offer won't be available for long, as my calendar fills up - Schedule now.

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It's time... to say "I do" to you

If you are ready to commit to yourself, to finally take charge of your health, and turn these healthy habits into behaviors that actually last, then it's time to say "I do" to you. 

Yes, "I do!"

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