"Emily is born to do this! I've had the most amazing and profound experience working with Emily during our sessions. She leads each conversation with grace and pushes me to my limits. She challenges me, but also allows me to take my time to make sure I am working toward my greatest self. I have enjoyed each of our sessions together and have learned something new every single time. Emily is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and creates a safe space to just be you. She has opened the door to allow me to grow and reach my goals. I am so thankful for Emily's guidance and this program!"

Beth G.

"Emily helped me develop myself into a strong, confident woman. I lost some pant sizes - yes - but more importantly I gained joy around my body again. She helped me align with my goals, which included having a little more dancing room in my dress! This allowed me to never leave the dance floor, feel excited for the pictures, and beam ear to ear the entire night."

Lizzie P.

"Emily’s enthusiasm and passion for health and wellness is authentic and contagious! She's incredibly knowledgeable and personable which makes each of our conversations not only eye-opening and educational, but also fun! Having experienced her own transformation, she's able to connect with her clients on a level that makes her stand out among the rest. She has a natural talent and innate desire to help and support others through their own transformations. It's evident that she genuinely cares and is truly invested in seeing me succeed in reaching my goals. I thoroughly enjoy our conversations and am consistently surprised with how much I learn and uncover about myself. It's also remarkable how my mood improves after spending just 1 hour of my time with her each week. She ignites excitement within me that elevates my self-confidence and motivation to make positive decisions that fuel my body with energy and ultimately help me to live my best life. Her ability to tailor her expertise and experience to my individual journey is impressive and unique. I would highly recommend Emily to anyone looking to make a seamless, but empowering lifestyle change!"

Jamie W.

"Emily is a rare jewel and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. For the first time I felt like what I wanted and needed for my body and self worth was finally heard. She saw through my insecurities and brought out a bold confident woman I didn’t realize existed. Emily shares amazing health tips and her coaching is exactly what I needed to overcome old habits that no longer serve me. Thank you Em!"

Jessica M.

"Emily is an amazing coach. From the first conversation I felt like we had known each other for years. She is so easy to talk to and made me feel completely comfortable. She helped me to set in some new habits and to work past some old ones. She helped me to see how certain foods can strongly affect my body and everyday life as well as how to focus on the positive intention different things in my life have for me. Ultimately she helped me realize......I AM an amazing person. And so is she! I have tried many times to "get fit" and "get healthy" but working with Emily has shown me how to create habits that last and with such perfect timing."

Heather M.

"Working with Emily was so enjoyable! The second we started our first session, I felt incredibly comfortable with her. Opening up about bad habits and looking for change made me feel vulnerable and that was nerve-wracking but Emily eased that instantly. Her positive energy took "the scaries" away and had me super excited about my health journey. You can tell how much she cares about her clients. She really listens to everything you have to say and coaches you on the best way to move forward. It’s so important to have both a coach and an accountability partner that you connect with. With Emily, you get two for one!"

Chantelly L.

"Emily is attentive, detailed, and really listens to what you're saying in order to best serve you. She is passionate about her work and will go over and above to get you to where you want to be!"

Courtney S.

"I had the pleasure to meet Emily for the first time at a session held online, what a a great experience meeting her and working with her. She has the skills to listen to others in a way that inspired me so much. I was able to open up to her as she showed me how a coach can be such a key part for a mindful life and in my path to wellness. If you need the support and knowledge to transform your life, Emily is the one! She has the wisdom and the energy to be the best coach for you!"

Marcela C.

"Working with Emily has been a great experience! I have grown very much as an overall person since my first meeting with her. Us diving into deep conversation has taken me to a place of strong-minded confidence and willpower, while holding a state that lacks stress. The conversations that took place were set up and led in a way that guided me to uncover and discover my own answers to my existing problems. Also, the breathing exercises rocked my world, as I literally felt the mental tension fade away in a lasting manner. It was a delight to meet with her each week. She has an interesting background and is an awesome person. I’m very happy to now know her. Thank you Emily!"

Mike D.

"For twelve weeks I learned more about my body, more about my mental health and more about my outside influences than I have over the course of my entire life. Emily Golin takes you on a true and honest journey with yourself and helps you realize the power you have within you to lead a richer and healthier life. Emily Golin is responsible for bringing me back to life."

Jay P.

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