Emily is "Golin" Places

May 30, 2019
By Dara Fiocco, Founder of Before the Hitch | Featured Article, Emily is "Golin" Places
Getting engaged is such a dream! So many little girls dream of the day their true love gets on one knee and humbly confesses his undying love. Such a blissful feeling. Now everything is going right - maybe you have a great job, potentially a side hustle, probably a pupper (or kitty) at home, and now you get to plan your big, sparkly "I do" moment. But there's still something missing... Something huge. It's your weight. It's just not where it needs to be. At times, you feel anxious, you feel insecure, maybe even depressed. You've tried all the diets, attempted Youtube work-out videos, but it keeps coming down to enjoyment and accountability. How do you make working out fun?! You don't know where to turn and going to a gym sounds awful 'cause everyone will be looking at you. Maybe you're not even overweight, you just have a gut or want to be a fit, skinny girl instead of an out-of-shape, skinny girl. You want shape, curves - all the works.
Emily Golin, a Certified Health Coach, lives to transform bodies and minds. She seeks Brides-to-be who...
  • Are at least 7+ months out from their wedding day.
  • Are self-conscious. Worried about how they’ll look in pictures, and nervous to be the center of attention on the big day. 
  • Have been struggling with their weight and feel uncomfortable in the body they’re in - they don’t want to feel/look the way they currently do on their wedding day.
  • Are overwhelmed and stressed about being able to lose the weight and are sick of yo-yo dieting and quick-fix results...yet don’t really know another way.
  • Want to lose weight, transform their bodies, and look and feel better before the big day - they want to feel attractive and confident on their wedding day! They just want to feel like themselves again.
  • Are determined to make a change and are finally ready to take charge of their health.
"My favorite thing in business is when I get to work with people I love and who I’m confident I can help succeed."Still not convinced? Get your bridal case study: https://www.emilygolin.com/case-study Send her an email introduction at [email protected] or directly schedule a complimentary, strategy session at www.emilygolin.com. Tell her Before the Hitch sent you.
By Dara Fiocco, Founder of Before the Hitch | Featured Article, Emily is "Golin" Places

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